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Media Home: Digital Tools and Apps

Audio Tools

Audacity: Audio clip editor.  Located on mcps desktop computers under Applications 

Chirbit: Record and share audio easily

Mic Note: Record voice while taking notes 

TwistedWave: Full featured audio editor 

Voice Note II: Speech to Text 

Voki: Talking animated avatars

Coding Great for beginners

Code Academy: Learn HTML & CSS, Java and more

Code Maven: Experiment with learning to code

Game Maven: Tutorial for designing games 

Gamestar Mechanic: Learn to design video games

Scratch: Create stories, games, and animation through simple programming

Create a comic

Go Animate:  Animated Videos

Pixton: Create comic strips and cartoons  

Powtoon: Animated presentations and stories *



Podbean: Create, publish and share your podcasts

Podcasting Tools: Podcasts resource

Digital Storytelling

Story Board ThatCreate a digital story

StoryBird: Choose artwork and illustrations to creat a story

Photo Imaging and Editing

Big Huge Labs: Create cool stuff with your digital photos

Pixlr EditorOnline photo editor

Posters and Publications

Board Builder: To access Board Builder, use MCPS+student ID for your login, and your student ID for your password.

Canva: Amazingly simple graphic design software  

Smore: Create online fliers 


Google Drawings: Multimedia posters and infographics 

Google Slides: Slideshow Presentation  

Prezi: Create zooming presentations 

Thinglink: Interactive photos and videos


Tiki-Toki: Web based software for creating interactive timelines online

Time GliderCreate, collaborate, and publish zooming and panning interactive timelines

Video Editing

Animoto:  Create videos and slideshows

iMovie: Use on MAC computers or iPad

We Video: Create and edit videos online

Windows Moviemaker: Located on MCPS computers under applications