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Research Process

1. Define and Refine the Problem or Question

  • Identify an information need
  • Formulate and refine effective research questions

2. Locate and Evaluate Resources

  • Locate relevant sources
  • Evaluate the sources for authority, accuracy, credibility, timeliness and relevance

3. Record and Organize Data

  • Search sources effectively
  • Retrieve relevant information in an ethical manner
  • Organize findings

4. Ethically interpret and analyze data and information

  • Synthesize information and findings
  • Generate new understandings

5. Share Findings and Conclusions

  • Articulate findings and new understandings effectively and ethically
  • Reflect and evaluate on the research process


Resources for General Research

Resources for Searching Online

Resources for Evaluating Websites

Resources for Citing Your Source

Resources for Citing Your Source

Use Noodletools  for note-taking and a bibliography in MLA style. 

Click on the image above to get started.

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