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Research Process

1. Define and Refine the Problem or Question

  • Identify an information need
  • Formulate and refine effective research questions

2. Locate and Evaluate Resources

  • Locate relevant sources
  • Evaluate the sources for authority, accuracy, credibility, timeliness and relevance

3. Record and Organize Data

  • Search sources effectively
  • Retrieve relevant information in an ethical manner
  • Organize findings

4. Ethically interpret and analyze data and information

  • Synthesize information and findings
  • Generate new understandings

5. Share Findings and Conclusions

  • Articulate findings and new understandings effectively and ethically
  • Reflect and evaluate on the research process


Resources for General Research

Cornell - Introduction to Research

Helios Tutorials

Resources for Searching Databases

Database Search Tips - MIT Library

Resources for Citing Your Source

Use Noodletools  for note-taking and a bibliography in MLA style. 

Click on the image above to get started.

Need Help? 

Getting Started: Quick Guide




Video Tutorials


Perdue Owl Citation Page